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Shamanic Journeys and Guided Meditations

Welcome to the treasure house of deep shamanic wisdom, transformative experiences and spiritual beauty.

The journeys and meditations housed within this place have been gathered from the aether, lovingly recorded and set to harmonious, spiritually attuned sounds. We have done this so you can grow in wisdom and insight through shamanic journeying and meditations for healing, transformation and spiritual development.

ShamanismShamanic Journeys

Journey within to the hidden places between worlds, communicate with the forces of nature and experience deep transformation and insight.

HealingHealing Journeys

Travel to unique healing places, rest and restore your spirit and experience the effects of distance healing in these unique recordings.

InspirationInspiration Series

What if you could have Luck, Inspiration or Creativity in a bottle? This series of beautifully crafted audios will help you to find out...

TarotTarot Journeys

Travel through secret gateways and along hidden paths as revealed by the keys of the Tarot in this series of extraordinary journeys.

spiritualSpiritual Journeys

Develop yourself spiritually by accessing sources of deeper wisdom in these profound journeys.

All recordings feature Shaman and Healer Susanna Bellini, unless otherwise stated in their descriptions.

A charitable contribution will be made from the profits of each recording. Charities we support.

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